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Jainism Temples
Nasiyan Digambar Jain Temple Ajmer

Location: The Nasiyan Digambar Jain Temple is located in Ajmer (Rajasthan) on Prithviraj Marg. It is also popularly known as the 'Red Temple'. Visitors can access the temple with the local transport system easily from many parts of the city.    
  The Nasiyan Digambar Jain temple is one of the finest Jain temples in Rajasthan after the temples of Ranakpur and Mount Abu whose splendor surpasses even the Mughal architecture.&n

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Kolkata Digambar Jain Temples

Kolkata the capital of West Bengal is famous for its jain temples. The main Digambar jain  temples are:

  •   Shree Digambar Jain Bada Mandir (Burra Bazar)
  •   Shree Digambar Jain Naya Mandir (Ravindra Sarani, Kolakata)
  •   Shree Digambar Jain Temple (Howrah)

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Jain Pilgrimage in India

Jain temples throughout India are noted for their cleanliness and sacred atmosphere. The worshiper enters in a state of reverence with mind and spirit prepared, and with clothes and person clean. No worldly activities take place within the temple, no sleeping or sitting in casual conversation. There are many places in India which are of special importance to Jains because of associations with holy persons of the past. Some are the places where the enlightened ones left this world and achieved final liberation, some are places where celebrated religious events occurred, at others a famous temple or image draws the pilgrims.


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Five Unique Temples of Dilwara

Five Unique Temples of Dilwara
There are 5 temples in all, each with its own unique identity though together they are named after the small village in which they are located. These are:

  • Vimal Vasahi (Shri Adi Nathji temple)
  • Luna Vasahi (Shri Nemi Nathji temple)
  • Pithalhar (Shri Rishabh Deoji temple)
  • Khartar Vasahi (Shri Parshav Nathji temple)
  • Mahaveer Swami (Shri Mahaveer Swamiji temple)
The most famous of these are the Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vasahi temple.

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Dilwara Temple

The Jain Dilwara temples of India are located about 2½ kilometers from Mount Abu, Rajasthan's only hill station. These temples dating back from the 11th to the 13th century AD are world famous for their stunning use of marble. The five legendary marble temples of Dilwara are the sacred pilgrimage of the Jains. They are an overwhelming blend of simple beauty and exquisite elegance. The marble temples have an opulent entranceway. The simplicity in architecture verily reminds one that Jainism as a religion "encouraged honesty and frugality". The temples reside amidst mesmerizing surroundings of mango trees and wooded hills. A high wall, shimmering l

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Mandar Hill Temple

Mandar Hill Temple is located on Mandar Hill, a holy place related to the salvation of 12th Teerthankar Vasupoojya Swami. It is also related to the three Kalyanka of Bhagawan Vasupoojya – Gyan, Tup and Moksha. At this place, Vasupoojya Swami accepted penance, gained the supernatural knowledge and finally found salvation. It is the ultimate liberation from world. His first precept was delivered here.

  • How to Reach: Mandar Hill is roughly 700 feet high. It is situated about 30 miles south of the Bhagalpur town. There is an eastern railway line connecting Bhagalpur with Mandar Hill. Mandar Hill station is about three miles fr

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