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Haryana temples
Mansa Devi Temple

Location : Near Panchkula, Haryana
Dedicated To : Mother Goddess

MANSA DEVI TEMPLE lies in Bilaspur village, about three kilometers east of Mani Majra (Chandigarh UT). There are two temples here. The older one is said to have been built by the rul

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Pathar Masjid

Location : Thanesar, Haryana
District : Kurukshetra
Made of : Red Stone
Built In : 17th Century

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Lat Ki Masjid

Location : Hissar, Haryana
Built By : Feroz Shah
Type of Architecture : Tughluq Lat Ki Masjid is a grand structure located in Hissar, an ancient city situated in the north-west of Haryana.

Built by :
Firuz Shah Tughluq,

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Humayuns Mosque

Location : Fatehabad, Haryana
Built By : Humayun Built
During : 1529 And 1556 AD

The mosque recognized as the Humayun's Mosque, was built by Mughal emperor, Humayun during the time 1529 to 1556 AD. It is built at a place where the 'lat' erected by the » read more

Dargah Of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar

Location : Panipat, Haryana
Dedicated To : Bu Ali Shah Qalandar
Celebration Time : Annual Urs
Built By : Emperor Ghyasuddin Dargah Of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar

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