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Punjab temples
Baijnath Temple

One of the most remarkable monuments of the Bias valley is the temple of Baijnath. The village of that name is situated 23 miles east of Nagarkot, as the crow flies, close to the Mandi border and on the main road which leads from the Punjab plains through Kangra, Kulu, Lahul, and Ladakh to Central Asia.
Baijnath is in reality the appellation of the chief temple dedicated to SivaVaidyanatha ("Lord of Physicians") which has know the Village itself. The original name of the village was Kiragrama.The Baijnath temple is orientated due west. It consists of a puri or adytum, 8 feet square inside and 18 feet outside, surmounted by a spire of the usual conical

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Takht Damdama Sahib

Talwandi Sabbo is hardly 35 km. from Bathinda city where Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji examined the loyalty of Bhai Dalla. The holly book Guru Granth Sahib Ji was written at this place by Bhai Manni Singh Ji. Guru Ji take Dam (rest) for 9 months 9 days and 9 hours. Guru Ji also blessed this town with education by calling it Guru Ki Kashi. The Punjabi University has now setup a Regional center for M.B.A. and other postgraduate studies. The Old antiques like Gun, Stamp, Sword, a Portrait, a Magic Mirror and blood strained dress of Guru Ji remind the last battle fought by them. Matchbox size Guru Granth Sahib and much more has been kept in Gurudwara and in Bhai Dalla's Hous

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Gurdwara Tarn Taran Sahib

Around 1590 Guru Arjan Dev set out on a tour of the country between the rivers Ravi and Beas. Here Guru Arjan Dev bought some land and laid the foundation of a Gurdwara in honor of Guru Ram Das and started the excavation of a tank even bigger than » read more

Gurdwara Patal Puri

Guru Hargobind in 1644 as well as Guru Har Rai in 1661 was cremated here. The ashes of Guru Harkrishan were brought from Delhi

Gurdwara Keshgarh Sahib

The Historical Gurdwara Of Kesgarh Sahib. At Takht Kesgarh Sahib , Khalsa Was Born On The Day Of Baisakhi.Now Baisahi is celebrated with lot of JOSH all over punjab.Also the farmers cut their crops on this day and enjoy a lot.

The congregation was shocked and afraid, the third time Guru Gobind Singh repeated his call, Daya Ram stood up and offered his head. Guru Gobind Singh took him into a tent. The sound of a sword cutting a body was heard and blood trickled out of the tent. Guru Gobind Singh emerged from the tent and asked for another Sikh. Dharam Das stood up and volunteered. Again the same episode was repeated. Three more Sikhs offered their heads t

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Gurdwara Dera Baba Nanak

After a duration of travel and converting the masses Guru Nanak settled down here at Kartarpur on his farm on the banks of the river Ravi. Guru Nanak discarded his » read more