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Manipur temples
Lord Sanamahi Temple

The temple is located in Imphal town in the first Manipur Rifle Ground. It was patronized by king Kulachandra in 1891. The structure is raised on an octagonal base. The southern side has got flying steps. The facade carries a rectangular door. In the octagonal structure each component wall meets the double cornice.

The cornice below and above has got a sequence arranged in a line over the octagonal structure. The roof structure is in pyramidal Gothic Style. The arches incline at 45 degree to form a tapering octagonal structure which is truncated by Amalaka-sila, on the top, in a form of a circular disc. It carries a pinnacle.

The structure i

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Shree Govindaji Temple


Shree Govindaji Temple, Manipur is one of the star attractions in Manipur. This popular temple is a Hindu temple, the deities worships are the Hindu gods, Radha and Krishna Govinda. The temple has suffered severe damages in the past by several earthquakes. The Shree Govindaji Temple, Manipur built by one of the rulers of Manipur was again restored by another ruler, several years later to its original form.

Shree Govindaji Temple in Manipur is a famous temple. Located in an easily accessible position in the capital of the state, Imphal, the temple is visited by large numbers of tourists every year. The shining golden building of the temple attracts tourist, other tha

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Jain Pilgrimage in India

Jain temples throughout India are noted for their cleanliness and sacred atmosphere. The worshiper enters in a state of reverence with mind and spirit prepared, and with clothes and person clean. No worldly activities take place within the temple, no sleeping or sitting in casual conversation. There are many places in India which are of special importance to Jains because of associations with holy persons of the past. Some are the places where the enlightened ones left this world and achieved final liberation, some are places where celebrated religious events occurred, at others a famous temple or image draws the pilgrims.


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