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Jharkhand temples
Deoghar Temple

While discovering the temple of Jharkhand , tourist gets an opportunity to explore the glorious religious heritage of India. In fact temple » read more

Birla Temple Jaipur

Location: In the south of Jaipur, situated just below the famous Moti Dungri Fort
Built by: B.M. Birla Foundation
Built in: 1988
Dedicated to: Lord Laxmi Narayan
Highlights: Rich carvings on pure white marble
How to reach: One can easily reach Birla Temple from the city by taking local

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Kushinagar is the place where Shakyamuni entered Mahaparinirvana. When Lord Buddha reached His eighty-first year, He gave his last major teaching. The subject of the teaching consisted of the thirty-seven wings of enlightenment. After this, He left Vulture's Peak with Ananda to journey north. After sleeping at Nalanda, he crossed the Ganges for the last time at the place where Patna now stands and came to the village of Beluva. Here, the Buddha fell ill, but he suppressed the sickness and continued towards Vaishali. This was a city where Shakyamuni had often stayed in the beautiful parks that had been o

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