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VHP's second Ram temple campaign begins today

Sangh Parivar is all set to turn on the heat over the Ayodhya issue once again, with a fresh campaign to “awaken” Hindus starting Monday. Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) have drawn up a four-month plan which would climax in a “grand celebration” on the occasion of Shaurya Diwas (December 6), to mark the anniversary of the 1992 Ayodhya demolition.

The Uttar Pradesh (UP) administration, already worried over the impending high court (HC) verdict in the Ayodhya title dispute, is alarmed.

Additional DG Brij Lal, who reviewed the situation recently, said security arrangements were tight as ever and a proposal for increased deployment of central paramilitary forces was being readied.

Sources said UP Police and intelligence agencies were on high alert. They are putting emergency plans in place in view of the recent US advisory warning about a possible terror attack on India.

The mysterious disappearance of 61 trucks loaded with explosives in Madhya Pradesh has added to the worries.

A senior official said the state government was closely monitoring Sangh Parivar’s new campaign, being touted as the “final thrust” for construction of a Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya.
Senior leader Purushottam Narayan said the jan jagran (people’s awakening) will start on Monday morning with VHP workers chanting Hanuman Chalisa throughout the country at the same time. “The message has gone out to at least 10 lakh temples… our target is to get at least 1 crore ‘sankalp patras’ filled up by people pledging resolve to building Ram temple in Ayodhya,” he said. Special prayers and ‘havan’ would be organised in 8,000 blocks across the country.

The court’s efforts at getting the two sides to resolve differences through dialogue have already failed. The exchanges only seem to be getting bitter as the day of judgment approaches.